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Lobster Hatchery

We are proud to say we are partnering with the Whitby lobster hatchery. The Whitby lobster hatchery is hoping to release 100,000 lobsters a year. They are based in Whitby just down the pier and are opening an area in their hatchery for people to go and have a look at how it works. RLhomeDecor are supporting Whitby Lobster Hatchery in every way we can, and are also holding loose change deposit boxes in store.

Whitby’s heritage as being a fishing town has being under pressure recently and so we are very much excited to se sea-life being poured back in the the sea around Whitby

So all Lobster purchases made on this website, we will donate £1 to the lobster hatchery. It costs £1 from birth to release. So you buying one of these lobster related items will release one lobster into the waters around Whitby.

Buy one set one free.

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